Spanish 21 Blackjack

Spanish 21 Blackjack is a popular variation of blackjack that is played at land casinos as well as online and mobile casinos. It was first established in 1995 and Masque Publishing Inc owns the blackjack variant. There are not many live dealer casinos that offer Spanish 21 blackjack to play online for real money but BetOnline USA Friendly Blackjack casino does offer Spanish 21 to play against a dealer live.

Play Spanish 21 The Best USA Online Blackjack Casino

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Spanish Blackjack Rules

When you begin to play the Spanish 21 blackjack online you start of like you do when you play regular blackjack. The player is dealt and the dealer are dealt two cards and the player’s cards and dealt face up and the dealer’s cards are dealt with one card up and the other one down. The odds are better and in your favor then playing the regular version of blackjack for real money, contingent upon the dealer standing on all hand values of seventeen. This is the reason why many of the best USA online casinos where Americans can play blackjack online cannot find Spanish 21. One of the biggest differences in Spanish 21 blackjack is that you play with a forty-eight-card deck, all of the tens are removed from the deck plus real money player can draw as many cards as they want after they split aces.

Spanish Blackjack Strategies

Spanish 21 Blackjack

Do you like to double down when you play blackjack? If you do, then Spanish 21 blackjack may be a great game for you. The rules allow the player to double down after any number of cards that are on the table, even better some USA online casinos double down, then after you get another card, double down again.

The challenge that some people face when they play Spanish 21 for real money is that it is harder to get the hand value of twenty-one because all of the tens are removed from the deck of cards, including the cards the dealer has. Many players do not buy insurance when the dealer is dealt an ace up because of the fact that the dealer has less of a chance to get a twenty-one. When the dealer is dealt an ace up they only hold a twenty-five percent chance of getting twenty-one and if you get the insurance it only awards the player 2-1. Keep in mind that when you play traditional real money blackjack online the insurance awards the player 3-1 odds. We hope that you found this information helpful, Feel free to take a look at the other variations like Super 21 Blackjack, Pontoon Blackjack, and find the best USA friendly live dealer casino to play Spanish 21 blackjack online for real money.