Blackjack Strategy

Blackjack strategy is import to know if you are playing recreationally or for high stakes. Blackjack is a game of skill, not just luck. Blackjack is one of the best games to play because if you use the correct blackjack strategy you can beat the house. Naturally the online casino has the advantage but when you study the table below, memorize it, and implement it you may be able to cash out your winnings from a live dealer casino frequently.


Our strategy is based on math and strategic calculations. We put together a chart that shows the probability of all two-card hands that you have versus what your dealer has. Experts from the best USA online blackjack websites have ran computer simulations and found when to stand, hit, double down, and split. If you decide to follow our strategy you may find yourself with a larger bankroll. Keep in mind the house still has 15.5/1 odds over a blackjack player, if you implement this strategy you can bring down the houses edge to less than one percent.

Blackjack Strategy Chart

Blackjack Strategy

Using the Strategy Chart

It is important that you take time to study the chart and understand it. Don’t rush in and play your entire bankroll, give yourself a chance to adapt yourself to your new strategy and don’t play for high stakes right now. Get the feeling of going on winning streaks when you use our strategy and once you feel confident, you can raise the amount you bet.


One thing that they majority of successful blackjack players say is not to bet the same amount of money per hand. If you bet the same amount of money per hand, then even if you use the best blackjack strategy, you will loose. This is why you need to get the feeling of going on winning streaks to know when to bet more money intuitively. Most brick and mortar/land based casinos and live dealer blackjack casinos allow their dealer to use a similar chart.


You will most likely not be able to see the chart or even tell when an experienced dealer is using it. After you get your feet wet playing blackjack for real money you will have your blackjack strategy chat memorized. If you are looking for a casino to play blackjack for real money at, feel free to stop by our sections on the easiest blackjack bonus.