Progressive Betting Blackjack Strategy

Having a progressive betting blackjack strategy is vitally important to winning money rather than throwing it down the drain. At we try to help our readers win when they play blackjack online for real money. We have formulated a progressive betting system that has works for our friends at, our readers, and hopefully you. This is the way you can make sure you maximize your casino profits. This also enables a real money player to lengthen their winning steaks and shorten their loosing streaks.

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What is a Progressive Betting Blackjack Strategy?

A progressive betting system has to do with the syntax you increase and decrease your wagers. If you have not looked at our strategy chart you should take a look at it and try to memorize as much as your can. A grandiose part of our strategy is to increase and decrease the amount of money you play per hand. If someone plays real money online blackjack for the same amount of cash using our strategy they will most likely loose.

Progressive Betting Blackjack Strategy

This is the reason that progressive betting is necessary. A large part of progressive betting is recognizing when you are on a winning streak and when you are loosing. Whether you not you are playing high limit blackjack in this case is irrelevant. The basic strategy is pretty simple, take notice to when you are winning and increase your wagers, and when you are loosing decrease them. This way when you are on a winning streak the more you bet, the more real money you win; and when you are loosing decrease your wagers. Casinos and Internet gambling websites count of folks playing with the same amount of cash per hand, this way the odds favor the house. When you utilize the progressive betting strategy, it takes away the houses odds.

Examples Of Progressive Betting

We want to provide you with a short example of progressive betting because it may make more sense when you put some cash money into the equation. Keep in mind that many of our readers use this when they play Bacarrat for cash too. We are going to start with one hundred dollars for the first and second hand. Let’s say we win both, for the third and fourth game we will increase our wager to two hundred dollars. If we won all four hands, we are up five hundred dollars ($100 investment from starting hand + $500 from the second through fourth hand). Now we are up a nice amount so we increase our wager to four hundred dollars for the fifth and sixth hand. If we win the fifth and sixth hand have a total of one thousand dollars. If we are still winning, we would wager eight hundred dollars on the seventh and eight hand, if we win now we have a total of twenty-six hundred dollars. For the ninth hand we would increase our real money bet to sixteen hundred dollars. If we win betting sixteen hundred dollars on our ninth hand we have forty-two hundred dollars. If we loose we now have a total of one thousand dollars left. Now with that strategy if we lost the ninth hand we are still up nine hundred dollars from the first hand. Now if we notice we are loosing we go back down to one hundred dollars per hand, and if we keep loosing lower the bet or walk away.